At the designing of the desk the main leading idea was to create a product, which distinguishes of all the rest products in its class. We wanted to achieve something new as a vision, as a sensation, to provoke the public and to break the stereotypes. Striving at the creation of a different of everything else product, we have reached to an end product, in which are put a great number of innovations, connected with the form, the construction, with the clamp and with the technology of the production. The “E.L.A” desk has appeared this way.  The desk with two legs, attached with metal ropes to the wall. We used fibre glass for its workmanship. At the designing of the desk we had to take into account factors like: storage of documents, usage of a desk computer, communications with other peripheral devices, supply with electrical power, in general everything that we need at the usage of one such working place. Because of the thin profile and the lightened construction, we differentiated place for a desk computer between the two ropes, as the opening is situated towards the wall and is intended for horizontally orientated computer boxes. In this opening we put the necessary to us cabling for the connecting of the computer with the electrical network, peripheral devices, internet and we lead away at the surface of the desk the necessary ports and terminals for connection with a monitor and other mobile devices, as well as some electrical wall-plugs. We covered all these connections through a decorative panel in order to keep the aesthetical appearance of the desk. We wanted it to be a self-dependent unit, which is not depending on complicated schemes of supplying would it be with electricity, internet, telephone or peripheral network devices, this is why we carried across the whole cabling through one of the two legs and we created in its base a detail, which contains USB ports, internet and network entrances and a built-in jack for electrical supply, as at the computer boxes it is accompanied with supplying cable, this way the desk became independent. Everyone can connect it on their own to the electrical network, internet, different office networks and telephone. It is as if to get an electrical appliance –  you put the plug in the wall-plug and it’s ready. The storage of the documents is an important factor for one working place, this is why we differentiated the thickness of the panel to serve us exactly about this, as we designed a falling bottom. We used cushions, which allowed us the easy opening and gathering of this module for storage. We designed it this way, so atclosed condition to be impossible for a person to guess that it exists at all. Other important aspect from the production of the desk is its weight. We had to achieve balance between form, construction and clamp. It had to weigh exactly this much, so it cannot be lifted easily through an involuntary leaning at rising. At the same time this type of construction and clamp required it to weigh on its place with the purpose of stability and reduction of the vibrations to minimum at an eventual pressure at the front edge. The clamp in the wall is realized through metal ropes and the necessary facing for the different types of walls.